What I’m Doing Here

Hello all!  

This blog post is to introduce you to my new, revamped social media presence. As you likely know, I’m a book critic, and so my Facebook book page https://www.facebook.com/BethanneKellyPatrick/ and my twitter @TheBookMaven are places for me to share newest reviews and other materials that seem interesting to me.

I’ll try to share at least twice a week–so keep a lookout if you’re interested in this kind of writing.

I’ll use this blog space as a number of things. I’ll talk about writing, and my writing journey. I’ll likely talk about whatever I’m thinking as well–because here I am, a crone who has things to say! 

My goal is to use this blog as a space to promote my creative writing, my manuscript consults, and my thoughts about modern fiction in general (although I’m sure I’ll have a few thoughts on other things from time to time, including nonfiction, publishing diversity, and miniature schnauzers).

I’ll be sure to link the blog on my social media platforms as well–in case you’re not the blog following type.

Thanks always for your support.

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